what may end up being a regrettable sad excuse for an Awkward Beat drabble

(around the end of chapter 2 i guess)

this is what i do at 11 pm on a sunday instead of homework.

hope this doesn’t turn out like shit

Slamming the door, in haste, Harry takes a few steps down the hall before stopping to hesitate and leans his back flat to the wall. He draws in a large breath.

“Why are you so angry? Why do you even care?”

That was the thing; he didn’t know the answer. Actually, he didn’t know if he even wanted to know the answer. Once he found out she was a virgin, something in him just snapped. Harry closed his eyes and brought his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. Still leaning on the wall outside of their flat, he popped his eyes back open, realizing his breath was still trapped, and let out a frustrated sigh. Focusing on his breathing, Harry’s mind felt cleared for about four seconds before he proceeded to exit the building.

As he walked down the street without a destination, Harry furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s not going to be weird now.” he remembers her saying, sounding so sure of herself while her face contorted itself in hesitation and possibly regret.

But why did she have to put that out there? Why would it be weird? Harry crosses his arms tightly as last night’s memories slowly piece together. Some scenes make his face start to relax on instinct; her quiet, breathy sighs of approval, and the hidden touch of peanut butter on her breath that only he would notice. Some make his eyes fall to the ground and the ends of his mouth perk up in shyness, like the way she bit her lip in anticipation, and how her eyes darkened right before his own. But as his mind hungrily runs through these thoughts over and over and over again, his breath gets caught for half a second as his phone vibrates in his pocket. Suddenly, feeling a blush creep up his neck and across his cheeks, he sees Niall’s contact picture illuminated on the screen, for some reason disappointed, relieved and embarrassed all at once.

Harry gulps down the weird feeling, along with his previous feast of thoughts, and presses the green ‘answer’ button as he brings his phone up to his ear, unwillingly but forcefully clearing his mind.

He blinks a few times, coming back to reality, forcing out a greeting, a thought still trapped in the corner of his mind not even he could reach to shoo away.

Why did she give in last night?

Why did he let her?

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